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Joe Sakic - NHL Hall of Fame

David Roy's Thoughts On Development


Development Never Ends  

I remember one of the NHL players I worked with describing to me his experience when he signed his first NHL contract. He said, "As I was signing the contract, I was thinking, after years of hard work, I finally made it... the NHL team of my dreams. But the minute I walked out of the GM's office, it hit me..... NOW I HAD TO WORK TWICE AS HARD IN ORDER TO STAY THERE!"  

The bottom line is, no matter what level you are at, the need for continued "over the top" development of your skating, speed, agility, shooting, puck handling, and understanding of the game, especially at your age and stage of development, is everything and it never ends. There is no question that players need game experience and that is part of the development process, but the question for each player is how do you develop this coming season more and faster than any of your competition so that at next year's training camp you catapult over the competition to get on the team you want and you play the game the way you need to play it?  

The solution is not playing more games.  

Touch Time on a Puck  

Top NHL players that get a lot of ice time touch the puck on average 45 seconds in a game according to some statistics. George Kingston, a former NHL coach, in his research concluded it would take the equivalent of 180 games to equal the touch time on the puck that a player would get in a 1 hour long skills practice. I am more excited than ever about POE because our coaches are showing and breaking down more game video, teaching more team strategies, increasing the technical breakdown of shooting and puck handling.  

10 Hours On-Ice and 10 Hours Off-Ice Development Each Week  

Yes, we will keep improving what we do but, I have yet to see or hear of any hockey program in North America that puts in more hours of on-ice and off-ice training a week over a full 10 month period than POE. Should you come next year, it will be the best development year you have had, and that is what you need right now in order to accelerate past the competition for the following season and training camps you attend.  

Our coaches are dedicated to your development and do their best to ensure each player's skating quickness, agility, hockey skills and understanding of the game will be priority number two. Building the player's self-confidence, grit, and character will be priority number one.  

Our teams will still be playing a 40+ game schedule. We will be playing in the CSSHL, as well as additional tournaments, some of which will be in the US, giving our players US exposure. If you have any questions please get in touch right away by filling out the contact form and one of our staff will be in contact with you shortly. We will do whatever we can to make it work for you and your family.  

Best regards, Dave Roy

Limited Spots Available 

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